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Recreatie Noord Holland opening seizoen campagne

”I would really like to thank all of you for all the hard word and the good fun :).” Naomi, Rebecca and Milo. Greenpeace Netherlands
”Wow, what a great poster!! Cool.” Doutzen Kroes.
“Thank you again for a great show. Everyone I talked to loved it. I loved it. It was exactly what we all needed.” Simon Hale (Global Reporting)
”I think that US did a great job. I’m really happy with it and I’m looking forward to Monday!” Marieke Effting, Marketing Manager ING
”I just wanted to say that your fantastic proposal for the Open House that I received this afternoon has made me very happy. That is a really good feeling!” Catharine van Dijk, KLM.
“I have said it many times but once again my most heartfelt thanks for all your hard work.” Marc Irwin. Panasonic PBITS.
“Again and again, thank you so much for everything, it was my first party ever, and because it was a great success, we feel that we could convince our CEOs to do this next year with you guys as well!!!!!” Ai Yamamoto. AOI-PRO Japan.
”Extraordinary, when I think about it again, I feel an adrenaline boost again. It was a fantastic event!” Disco Accident DJs.


We are Usual Suspects. We give you creative solutions. We have our roots in concept development, advertising and the online world. We love brands. Together with our clients, we explore new and suitable environments for their brands. We create concepts and we bring these concepts to life. With the aim of achieving a large brand effect. Because we also love results.

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Usual Suspect uses the Hollywood model approach: a permanent core team of professionals surrounded by specialists. However, the difference compared to the film industry is that we have our own directors in house. The specialists that we involve in a project have very diverse backgrounds. Don’t be surprised if we come up with a crowd psychologist, a biologist or a music strategist. As far as media are concerned: we believe in a broad definitions of the concept medium. In other words: we consider practically everything as a potential medium.

The Usuals

Martijn van Santen

Martijn van Santen

The Suspects

Recruitment Guru
Recruitment Guru
UK Connection
Data Queen
Event Yogi
Venice Beach Strategist
Captain Koen
UR Looking @ Her Work
WordPress Wizard
Caffeine Coach
Force from Above
Disco Girl
Disco Girl
Pigeon & Messenger
Pigeon & Messenger
Creative Neighbour
Lizard Lover
Data Visualiser
Famous Actor
North Side Backup
Miss Jip
Drawing Artist
Drawing Artist
Boss from Berlin
Guys Next Door
World Sailor
Lean Startupper
Cocktail Shaker
Man with the Hands
Lowress Designer
The Daily Kroese


Specialists are busy bees. They fly from assignment to assignment and sometimes forget themselves in the process. This is why we offer them an oasis of tranquillity on our island in the IJ: the Usual Suspects Living Room. All of our Suspects can make use of this living room any time. You only have to ask Majella. And by the way, you can also use our living room to brainstorm with other specialists or give a presentation for your own clients.

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